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The Stone Testament

If you discovered irrefutable evidence that Jesus never made it to the cross, would you publish? Italian archaeologist and PhD student, Maggie Pietra, has just that dilemma. She knows the New Testament forms the basis of western society's laws, and she also knows the crucifixion and resurrection are both fundamental to Christianity's strength. But her accidental discoveries in Libya and Mauritania, plus three troubling phrases from the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke, lead her on a gripping journey which slowly unravels truth from myth. Maggie, and her reluctant PhD supervisor ex-priest David Parker, discover they are not the first to know the truth. Both the Vatican and an unbroken lineage of men from the time of Christ have protected this secret, and much, much more, awaiting the sign for the next prophesy, when a woman of stone falls from heaven. But no one can imagine the direction that the prophesy is to take mankind.

Maggie Pietra, archaeologist and Harvard PhD student, discovers an icon on the wall of a Libyan cave long buried under a desert dune. The icon appears to be Christian, but she knows it cannot be. It was drawn before Christ's message had reached Libya, which was then known as Cyrene. The New Testament tells her that Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross to the crucifixion, but three oddly worded phrases from the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke, cause her to suspect that Simon did much more than just carry the cross. With the help of ex priest David Parker she begins to unravel the mystery which eventually leads her through Mauritania, West Africa and to Florence, Italy - to a secret sect of guardians protecting an object so astonishing she is forced to question everything about Christianity itself. The Pope, fully aware of the existence of the object, orders a trusted cardinal to do whatever is necessary to keep it hidden - or destroy it. But no one, not even Maggie herself understands the crucial role she must play as the prophesy unfolds.

The Stone Testament
365 pages
Religious Thriller
ISBN 978-0-9803445-2-3
Price $AUD 24.95 + postage


'A marvellous read. Brunelleschi would have approved. Great stuff, which at times was more believable than The Da Vinci Code.'
Peter Jordan

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