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The Fremantle Doctor

Perth's terminally ill are dying before their illnesses kill them. The deaths look like suicides but the police suspect euthanasia. Are they unrelated mercy killings, or is there something more sinister going on?

Detective Inspector Ray Duckworth is assigned to the cases. Brilliant, intuitive and with a perfect track record, he is also vehemently opposed to euthanasia. Results are expected quickly, but after two years he is still no closer to the truth, while the deaths continue unabated.

Then a breakthrough. A healthy woman dies in an Aged Care Facility and the clues lead Duckworth to the killer. The killer makes contact, believing he can convince Duckworth that it is time to legalize euthanasia. But during the arrest, the killer reveals a terrible truth, not just why he euthanized his clients, but also about Duckworth’s past, and his heartbreaking appointment with destiny.

The Fremantle Doctor
337 pages
ISBN 978-0-9803445-1-6
Price $AUD 24.95 + postage


'Compelling reading, and so close to home for us aging baby boomers.'
Leederville book club

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