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Australian Coup

The Australian Government introduces its most severe anti terrorism bill to date. Under special circumstances it can give the Prime Minister dictatorship over the nation.

The Senate is to vote on it on Friday. The next day is the Aussie Rules football Grand Final. Melbourne stadium is booked to capacity. The Prime Minister and most of Parliament will be there. So will four men from Adelaide, armed with chemical weapons.

The Australian Federal Police suspect it but have no proof. And the Prime Minister will not change plans without proof. Ed Bailey, offshore rig safety inspector, and his daughter Kathy are at the game, but Bailey is called offshore.

A Chinese rig is being held up in international waters until Bailey will let it in. But the rig is not what it seems. Unarmed and trapped offshore by a hostile crew he must find a way to warn Melbourne and try to stop an act of horrendous terrorism.

What can a simple rig inspector do? Not much in normal circumstances, but is Bailey who he says he is?

Australian Coup
386 pages
Political Thriller
ISBN 978-0-9803445-0-9
Price $AUD 24.95 + postage


'I thoroughly enjoyed the book...the plots, the hero and heroine, the misdirection and suspense were amazing.'
Jim Godlove - Manager ConocoPhillips USA

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